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California Institute of Health & Social Services, Inc. (CIHSS) is a social service agency developed to decrease the number of children being put in out-of-home care, preserve the family structure and increase quality of care services to youth and adults identified as at-risk in the Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

CIHSS was founded in 1993 by William T. Marshall, Ph.D. with a mission to address the problem of the large number of African American and Hispanic children who were at risk of being removed from their homes.

CIHSS has continued to support the goal of increasing the availability of resources and protecting the welfare of children, adults, and families of our diverse communities that we serve by the provision of services from experienced and professional staff.

Our strategies include:

  • Providing mental health treatment services to the most venerable in the community.

  • Recruiting, Training and Supporting resources for families.

  • Finding and maintaining foster and kinship families in their own neighborhoods.

  • Recruiting, training and developing home for developmental disabled adults

  • Building Community Partnerships  


At CIHSS, we share the love.

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CIHSS is committed to promoting and maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior.  We recognize the need to sustain an ethical culture that will promote openness, and accountability as an employer and in the delivery of our services to the persons we serve.

Standards of business conduct that are expected to be used include areas of equal opportunity, unlawful harassment, health/safety of the workplace, and conflict of interest.  As part of CIHSS Commitment to integrity, we have periodically adopted policies and procedures to protect against unlawful activities.  Among these are the provisions of Corporate Compliance. 

The following principles communicates ideas that reflect CIHSS’ ethical code of conduct declaration:

  • Good corporate citizenship

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Accountability

  • Openness

  • Respect for others

  • Person centered philosophy

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CIHSS is dedicated to providing quality services.

We are staffed with qualified personnel who are committed to ensuring "best case practices".


In addition, we encourage continuous/on-going education for all of our staff.


CIHSS has served approximately 2000 families in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Lancaster over the last 5 years, including 29%-African America, 47% Latino, 15% Caucasian, 3% Native America, 2% Pacific Islander and 4% Other.


Our staff consist of 68% African American, 26% Latino, 3% Caucasian, 2% Pacific Islander and 1% Asian.

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CIHSS aims to preserve the family structure and increase the quality of care to children, youth and adults. 

We focus on increasing the services of at-risk families and supporting them by protecting the welfare of children, adults and families of our communities.


CIHSS is a well-respected social services agency with highly trained professional staff that continuously renews their commitment to providing excellent comprehensive services. 

Through teamwork and perseverance, CIHSS serves culturally diverse and previously underserved populations within their communities. As a result of the impact of services on the lives of clients, they strive to be self-sufficient and exemplary. 

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  • We believe that all children, youth, adults and families are worthy and deserving of the highest quality of professional support and service.

  • We believe that all children, youth, adults and families are capable of success.

  • We believe that all children, youth, adults and families should be empowered to pursue their inalienable rights.

  • We believe that our adults are people first and the disabilities that they have are second to the person.

  • We believe that all youth in foster care are human beings first and their circumstances are secondary to the person.

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