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Licensed in 1996, Children's Way Resource Foster Family Agency was developed to address the problem of the large number of African American and Hispanic children who were at risk of being removed from their homes.

The goal of Children's Way FFA is to ensure that children get quality services including placement; culturally relevant assessments; treatment that promotes psychological stability and security; and, post-placement services to the many waiting children in areas of need, including, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino communities. 

Resource Foster Parents are recruited, receive training, monitoring and support while they provide safe and nurturing homes to foster children temporarily until they can be returned to their birth families or a more permanent solution is found. 


These children have been separated from their parents who have been unable to keep them safe, and/or may have been physically abused, sexually abused, emotionally maltreated, neglected, and/or abandoned.


Children's Way FFA needs resource families who are dually prepared to foster and/or adopt a child in order to promote children’s safety, permanency and well- being. Children’s Way FFA is seeking resource parents that desire and have the capacity to parent a child that is not born to them.


Resource Parents should have:

  • flexibility and adaptability

  • willingness to seek help

  • openness to self-exploration and change

  • ability to protect and nurture children

  • able to meet the developmental needs of children 

  • ability to provide stability

  • commitment



Childrens Way is seeking  individuals who desire to care for male and female children and youth in San Bernardino, Orange County & Riverside. 

Please call 908 890 4008 and ask to speak with Raynisha to schedule to receive a free Orientation. 

12 hours of RFA training to become a Resource Parent is also provided at mo cost. 

Great need for resource families to care for sibling groups.

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